What is Soffit on a House?

construction worker mounts a soffit on the roof eaves

Learn More About Soffits

It’s important to become familiar with the parts of your roof that don’t generally come to mind when working on repairs or new installation. Your roof is comprised of different areas that all connect and work together to provide protection to your property. The soffit is one part of a roofing system that will work to block out the weather from exposed beams of a home. Not only is a soffit there to provide protection, but it’s also there to provide an aesthetic appeal to the home. They can incorporate venting to help with the air circulation of your roof and also come without it if they’re not needed. If you feel that you may need an update on your roofing system or would like to know more about soffits be sure to get in touch with a professional roofing company for more information. In order to assist you, here is some general information regarding soffits for your convenience.

What is the purpose of a soffit?

The purpose of a soffit is to provide both an aesthetic as well as functionality to your roofing design and system. It’s the area that covers your eaves in order for rafter beams not to be exposed. With a vented soffit you’ll be able to have proper air circulation in your attic.

What is fascia and soffit?

The fascia of a home structure is used to create a barrier between the edge of the roof from weather damage. It creates a smooth appearance to the edge of the roof and provides a point for where drainpipes and gutters can attach to. The soffit will usually be underneath the fascia and will be seen the most at the street level. It extends from the side of the structure to the edges of the eaves.

What is the difference between an eave and a soffit?

The difference between a soffit and eave is that a soffit is part of the eave as it provides a cover to it. The eave is the lowest part of a roof plane and projects beyond or overhands the walls of a building. Commonly a soffit can be the underside wall of the eave yet it can also be considered as the wall siding of different areas of a roof.

What is soffit lighting?

A soffit can incorporate the underside of a beam, eave, ceiling or arch. It, therefore, can have lighting attached to it by being mounted recessed into the ceiling or on the surfaces of beams, patios, doorways, and porches.

construction worker mounts a soffit on the roof eaves

What is soffit made of?

  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl
  • Fiber Cement
  • Wood
  • Steel

Are vented soffits necessary?

A vented soffit is only necessary if you need intake venting that’s not already there from a different roofing design. Hot roof designs, for example, have rater bays that are insulated and sealed up so they would not require a soffit.

How many soffit vents should a house have?

A soffit vent as a general rule should have at least one square foot of space for every 150 square feet of an attic area.

Are soffit baffles required?

Soffit baffles are otherwise known as rafter vents or insulation baffles and may need to be added in order to completely cover an attic floor with insulation out to the eaves. In cases where there is blown insulation, there may need to be an additional block to prevent it from blowing out into the soffit.

How much does it cost to replace a soffit?

The cost to replace a  soffit will generally cost $20-$30 per linear foot. Prices may vary depending on the materials used and the size of the house.

Is it OK to pressure wash a soffit?

It is ok to pressure wash a soffit yet make sure that levels aren’t high. High-pressure washing can be dangerous on the attic as water can flow through. What’s more high-pressure washing on any roofing material that’s done frequently can damage or prematurely wear materials so keep that in mind as well.

Contact A Professional Roofing Company For Help With Your Soffit

Get the assistance that you require with your soffit by contacting a professional roofing company. With the help of an expert roofer,  you’ll be able to have your roofing system inspected to see if there are any needs for updates or repairs on particular areas of the structure. What’s more, a roofer will be able to confer with you about the specifications and conditions of your roof in case there need to be repairs or replacements before other services.  An expert roofer will also be able to answer your questions and recommend the right materials to incorporate for the betterment of your roof’s life. If you require other services to improve your home systems, like with air duct & furnace cleaning, reach out to the necessary avenues for help. Improve on your home systems with soffits and get the air circulation that’s necessary for your attic today.

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