What Do I Need to Know Before I Get a New Roof?

Roofers Add Underlayment to a New Roof

What do I need to know before I get a new roof?

A roof replacement requires more than just calling a roofer and letting them put a new roof on. Getting a new roof takes planning. You may have questions, for instance, like “Do you need a permit to install a new roof?” The answer is “Yes” by the way. You’ll need to get a standard building permit. You’ll also need to confirm the roofing contractor you hire is insured. 

Are you interested in putting new roofing materials? Maybe you want to replace your asphalt shingles with a metal roof? So you’ll need to know if that is possible and how much it will cost. You will also need to know what condition your current roof is in. An inspection will be necessary. You may need to get support structures repaired or other components repaired or replaced before you get the new roof installed.  

As you plan your new roof installation, you’ll want to select a leading licensed and insured roofing contractor. When you need a licensed and insured roof repair and replacement service in Osage Beach and Lake Ozark, MO, you can always rely on the team at Thompson Roofing & Reconstruction. Reach out to us by calling (573) 789-8367.

Roof replacement and repair

When deciding between roof replacement and repair, the age of your roof will play a big role in the decision. On average, with regular maintenance, a shingle roof lasts for about 20 years. As your roof ages, it weathers and shows signs of wear. You might see problems like curling shingles or shingles might be missing granules. If your roof is just a few years old, and only a small portion of the roof is damaged in this way, you might just need a few repairs. If it’s older than 15 years, have it inspected. A reputable roofer will advise you of the best course of action. 

You should also consider replacing the roof if you are contending with several leaks. A single leak caught in time and repaired ordinarily causes little harm. But several leaks, especially if they’ve been neglected for any time, can cause serious harm to the rest of the roof and home. Anything from mold growth to structural damage can occur. When you discover a leak, get it repaired as soon as possible to avoid serious damage.  

What is included in roof replacement?

When you have quality roofers on the job like those at Thompson Roofing & Reconstruction, a roof replacement might look like an easy job. It takes a lot of hard work, however. If you’re having your roof replaced, you can expect our roofing crews to follow this process:

  • The old shingles and other roofing material are torn off down to the decking.
  • The decking is inspected for damages. If the decking is damaged, it needs to be repaired or replaced.
  • A water-resistant protective barrier known as underlayment is installed.
  • Flashing is added around components like vents or features like chimneys to prevent water from seeping under the roofing material in these vulnerable spots.
  • Drip edges are applied. In areas where freezes and heavy ice and snow are common, roofers install ice dam protection.
  • The shingles are then installed. 

Roof replacement in winter

Ideally, roof replacement should be done in warmer seasons. The colder it gets, the longer some of the processes might take, but it is not impossible to replace a roof in the winter, and in some instances might be necessary. One problem roofers typically encounter in the winter is getting materials like sealant and caulk to adhere properly. The sealant or glue on strips of shingles adheres better when it’s warmer, as the material reacts to the heat. In the winter, roofers have to hand-seal the shingles because the sealant doesn’t automatically react to the heat of the sun. This means it may take longer than usual to install the shingles on the roof.

Does homeowners insurance cover a leaking roof?

Roof insurance claims can be tricky when it comes to what is and isn’t covered. Roof leaks are normally covered, as is any damage if the leak is caused by anything typically considered a covered peril. This means events like storms or hail. Even when covered, the payout could be limited. If you live in an area where hailstorms are frequent, your insurance company may only pay a small percentage of the total repair cost. It is also highly unlikely any insurance policy will cover leak repair due to lack of maintenance on your part.

How can I get a new roof for free?

When it comes to roof replacement, there are some instances in which you won’t have to pay for the placement. Usually, this happens if you’ve lost your roof to a storm or hail and the replacement is covered by your insurance company. For this to happen, you must document the damage thoroughly and report it accurately to the insurer. To make sure all the damage is documented properly, get a reputable roofer out to inspect your roof. Professionals know what to look for when checking for things like hail damage. 

Can I deduct roof replacement on my taxes

While your insurance company might pay for all or part of a roof replacement, you can’t claim the replacement on your taxes. No matter why you are replacing your roof, the IRS considers roof replacement a home improvement, which is not deductible.

A Roofer Replaces Shingles.

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For quality roof replacement in Osage Beach and Lake Ozark, MO you can always count on the local, trusted professionals at Thompson Roofing & Reconstruction. Our roofing crews are experienced, skilled, and always work with integrity. We’ll never cut corners or use poor-quality materials. Learn more about us or get a quote on your next roofing project by calling (573) 789-8367.