Signs of Impending Commercial Roof Failure

commercial roof failure

Metal roofs that have become susceptible to rust are on the verge of failure.

As an investment in your business, you need your commercial roof to stand the test of time. Wear and tear will gradually add up, however, so that the roof ages and becomes a liability. No business owner wants their roof to fail. This will interrupt business and lead to costly replacement services. To avoid this nightmare scenario, pay attention to these signs of impending commercial roof failure.

Water Infiltration

Protection from water stands as a major function of a commercial roof. If water has begun to infiltrate the roof, then you stand on the cusp of roof failure. Water can infiltrate from many sources, including standing pools, cracks in the membrane, or leaking air conditioners. A roofing professional such as Thompson Roofing & Siding can repair these issues.

Rust or Blistering

If you have a metal roof, visible rust appears as a sign that the roof has become compromised to weather damage. Blistering can occur to built up and synthetic roofs when the membrane becomes separated from underlying material. This accelerates the aging of the roof, and brings closer the day of commercial roof failure.

Membrane Punctures

Heavy foot traffic or weather damage can over time create punctures in your membrane. These punctures can lead to water infiltration, which can spread mold throughout your building and damage across your structure. As a way to prevent punctures and extend the life of your roof, you can add a walkway or extra layers of membrane.

In the event of total roof replacement, a business loses valuable assets they could have invested elsewhere. Maintenance and repair are key to the prevention of commercial roof failure. To avert commercial roof failure in Lake Ozark, MO, contact Thompson Roofing and Siding today at (573) 789-8367.