Shingle Repair and What You Need To Know

shingle roofing system

How long does an asphalt shingle roof last?

Asphalt shingles area a common roofing material. Ask any roofing contractor and they will likely tell you it is the most common. It is also a roofing material that doesn’t have as long of a lifespan of other materials, but single shingle repair is possible in some cases. 

So why is it the most popular roofing material if there are longer lasting materials? Because of its price point, it is what more homeowners can afford, and because, in many cases, of the ability to do shingle repair is easy and money saving. 

When a correctly installed asphalt shingled roof that is vented properly can give you up to 85% lifespan. That means for a standard asphalt shingle roof, that is up to 22 years for a 30-year warranty shingle and for a 3-tab asphalt shingle, up to 28 year lifespan. 

How do you extend the life of a shingle roof?

The weather is not a friend of asphalt shingles, and one of the biggest reasons why asphalt shingle repair is needed. Unfortunately, we can’t control the weather, however, we can take care of our asphalt shingle roofing with these steps: 

  • No Power-Washing: Asphalt shingles can be damaged by a concentrated powerful spray by loosening the top coating of  granules. This voids any warranty the shingle manufacturer offers and shortens your asphalt shingle roof life. Use a broom or a leaf blower to remove dirt, leave, and most from your roof instead of a power washer. 
  • Adequate  Ventilation: Inadequate ventilation or ill placed attic soffits cause condensation to build up on the roof decking that is the asphalt shingles rely on for support. If the roof decking rot, the shingles lose their sound support. 
  • Gutter Cleaning: Regular gutter cleaning will prevent moisture buildup and prevent roof leaks. Keeping trees cut back from the roof will minimize the gutters getting clogged. 
  • Insulate Attic: Without insulation in the attic, ice dams develop and that leads to roof leaks, especially where roofing planes meet.  
  • Fortify Your Roof: For homes that are in extreme weather prone areas like hailstorms, high winds, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc., consider upgrading your next roof replacement to with a three-stage treatment. This will include a deck sealant, ring-shank nails, and ribbing to create a wind resistant. 

How do you maintain an asphalt shingle roof?

Look at your entire roof and look for any loose or missing shingles. Do you see any sunken area or discolored shingles? The sunken areas can indicate the roof decking is damaged, or worse, the rafters. Any discolored shingles could be fixed by a simple roof cleaning or shingle repair a few of them. 

On a regular basis, using a broom, sweep all the debris off, be careful not to damage or lift the shingles. Debris can hold water and deteriorate the shingles, making it prone for leaking. Look for deterioration or conditions that encourage  deterioration. Shingle repair can be done with roofing cement that will re-secure the loosened shingle to the roof. If you have one loose shingle, check them all, there could be more. 

Will roof leak with one shingle missing?

An asphalt shingle that is missing in midst of the roof will not have an immediate need for shingle repair. However, if you have a missing shingle over a seam on the roof, immediate attention should be given to shingle repair. A missing asphalt shingle over a seam is leaving your roof susceptible to leaking. 

Can you patch a shingle roof?

What if you have one asphalt shingle that has cracked? There is no need to call a roofing contractor an inspect and prepare to file a damaged roof claim on your homeowner’s insurance.  This type of shingle repair is easy and quick. Apply a thick bead of asphalt shingle roofing sealant under the cracked parts of the single and press down. Next add a bead of the asphalt shingle sealant on crack and spread with a putty knife.

Can you replace just a few shingles?

Absolutely!  The question is when and we share these few examples when replacing only a few shingles is acceptable instead of replacing the entire roof. Many homeowners keep a package of shingles on hand just for these replacements:

  • Cracked or Torn – Asphalt shingles that are cracked beyond using the above repair method, simply replace it with a new shingle. 
  • Loose or Missing Shingles  – If a shingle has come loose or is gone, simple replacing it with a new shingle will be sufficient. The sooner the better, because the longer you wait, the more prone your roof is to the decking being damaged. 

Will lifted shingles reseal?

Most likely, shingle repair isn’t going to work for lifted shingles.  You’ll need to replace the shingles with a new shingle. This is done by slipping a flat pry bar under the damaged asphalt shingle, pressing down so the nail pops out. Slide the new asphalt shingle in its place, aligning with the other shingles on both sides. Then lift the shingle above it carefully and install roofing nails to the shingle you’re installing. 

shingle roofing system

When Should roof shingles be replaced?

Age wise, you should look at replacing your asphalt shingled roofing between 15 to 30 years. Other things that will tell you it is time to replace your shingle roof: 

  • Cracked, curled or cupped shingles
  • Bald spots on asphalt shingles 
  • Appearance of roof is looking old and worn
  • Dark streaks on the roof that can’t be cleaned off
  • The rest of the neighborhood is getting a new roof

So, does walking on roof damage shingles? Walking on the roof is dangerous and should only be done by professional roofing contractors that are experienced. It can also damage the asphalt shingles or any roofing material. Call (573) 789-8367 today for your shingle roofing needs in Osage Beach and Lake Ozark, MO.