Roof Repair in Osage Beach, MO

Residential Roof Repair ServicesThe city of Osage Beach, MO was originally named Zebra when it was first established in 1886. At the time, the only thing in the area was a post office. The city was flooded when the Bagnell Dam was built, and created the man-made Lake of the Ozarks. The post office was re-built, and in 1935, renamed to Osage Beach. The city was officially incorporated in 1959.

Our team at Thompson Roofing & Reconstruction work with local communities all around Lake Ozark. If you need a local roofing company in Osage, MO, give us a call now for a free inspection. We offer services in these lake communities as well:

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Here at Thompson Roofing & Reconstruction, we take pride in offering quality service so our customers get the correct solution the first time. Our team is dedicated to taking care of the local communities. It does not matter what kind of roofing project you need done, big or small – our team can get it done. We have the knowledge and training to fix up small repairs or take on big jobs like roof replacements. We are also available for vinyl siding replacement or repairs. Get more information on all the services we offer here on our website:

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We take service calls 24/7, even on nights or weekends, to take care of emergency roof problems. If you think your roof has sprung a leak, give us a call and we will come out to do a full inspection and seal up leaks before they do more damage to your home. We are dedicated to providing quality repair services with a friendly and professional attitude. We offer free inspections and let you know how best for us to handle the roofing project at hand. For more information on our roofing services, you can call us at (573) 789-8367 or use our online contact form here on our website. We reply to all customer inquiries within 24 hours.