Roofing Insurance Claim: 3 Savings Tips for Savvy Homeowners

Roofing Insurance Claim

Be Sure to File Your Claim Quickly, and Schedule Your Roof Repairs Before the Next Storm.

Has a recent thunderstorm or hail damage left your roof in shambles? Filing a roofing insurance claim may seem like a hair-tearing annoyance, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these three tips and get the most out of your insurance policy!

Homeowner Tip #1: Don’t Put Off Filing

Except for a chosen few, most people find filling out insurance paperwork to be frustrating business. You might be tempted to put it off for a couple of days, weeks, or months, but that could be a costly mistake. When a roof is torn up by hail or extreme winds, it leaves the rest of the home exposed to terrible leaks and water damage. A simple shingle replacement could escalate into insulation replacement and ceiling repairs, so put postpone filing your claim for long.

Homeowner Tip #2: Save Your Receipts

Not every policy is created equal, but some companies will actually cover additional costs related to your home’s roof repair. If you have to stay in a hotel for a few days, for instance, your company might reimburse you when you present a receipt. If you had to purchase tools related to your rooftop repairs, you might even have those covered. Save any receipts that could be even remotely relevant to your policy.

Homeowner Tip #3: Bring Backup

Before you send in your roofing insurance claim, talk with a local roofing company you trust about inspecting your roof system. They can provide an inspection report and other additional documentation, such as an estimate on repairs or replacement costs. You can bundle these documents with your before-and-after photos when you submit your claim evidence.

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