Soffit Installation & Repair

House Need Soffit Repair

Repairing the Soffit on Your Home Will Prevent Leaks and Water Damage in Your Attic.

Soffit is found on the underside of the roof. If you have every experienced high winds, the strong air current can send rain and airborne debris up under the eaves of your roof. It is there to keep the water from blowing into your home. Water is actually the most common cause of damage to this part of your roof system. Soffit that cannot dry well, will lead to mold and rotting material in the roof. This can lead to weaknesses in the soffit and leaks in the roof and ceiling.  Any weaknesses will be exploited quickly by small animals such as squirrels and birds who love to build nests there. If you think the soffit material of your roof may be damaged, give us a call (573) 789-8367 and we will come out to assess the problem and get repairs underway.

Soffit also acts as a source of ventilation. Without proper ventilation, your attic will overheat in the summer causing the rest of your home to warm up and will increase the utility bill too! In the winter, snowfall and rain will increase the amount of moisture buildup in the attic and proper ventilation will help reduce that moisture and decrease the chance of dangerous mold from forming.

Soffit Material

The two most popular materials are aluminum and vinyl. The most durable and water resistant of the two is aluminum. It is also easy to clean and simpler to install because the material is flexible and easier to fit into the space where it is needed. Aluminum is, however, the pricier material compared to vinyl and does not insulate quite as well. Vinyl is considered to be more affordable, and works much better as an insulation material. It too is very water resistant and does not rot. Vinyl does have some downsides, however. Heat from the sun can cause vinyl to discolor, and too much exposure could make it brittle. It runs the risk of mold forming if used in areas with damp climates.

Thompson Roofing & Reconstruction does soffit repair and installation in Osage Beach and Lake Ozark, MO and the surrounding areas. Whether your soffit has weather damage or needs an upgrade, our roofing professionals will get the job done right. Want more information? Contact us today by phone (573) 789-8367 or through our web form.