Is Standing Seam Metal Roof Worth It?

standing seam metal roof

Is Standing Seam Metal Roof Worth It?

If you are considering a new Standing seam metal roofing installation, it will be important for you to consider all of the extenuating factors. Will the benefits outweigh the cost? Is roof longevity guaranteed? Please review the following list of benefits to determine if a standing seam metal roof is the right roof for you.

  • Standing seam metal roofs do not require consistent maintenance. On the contrary, these well-designed and installed roofs can last a lifetime with minimal maintenance.
  • Great insulation and watertight sealing membranes.
  • Beautiful roof aesthetics. These seamless roofs cast a great outline for many if not all properties.

Why is Standing Seam Metal Roof So Expensive?

It’s important to remember the materials and labor costs when it comes to roof installations. Asphalt shingle roofs are very popular and affordable. Their labor and material costs are much smaller when compared to standing seam metal roofs. Standing seam metal roofs have higher labor and material costs, but they also last much longer. If durability and roof longevity is important to you, then it will be important to invest in a standing seam metal roof.

How Long Do Standing Seam Metal Roofs Last?

Standing seam metal roofs are reputed to last anywhere between thirty and fifty years, but these are conservative estimates. With the proper amount of roof maintenance and repairs when they are deemed necessary, your standing seam metal roof can last quite a bit longer.

What is the Difference Between Standing Seam vs Corrugated Metal Roofs

Are you wondering what the difference is between standing seam metal roofs and corrugated roofs is? According to the experts, the primary difference is that the seams on standing seam metal roofs hide the fasteners while most styles of corrugated roofs leave the fasteners exposed and in plain view. Corrugated roofs are also more affordable than standing seam metal roofs. Standing seam metal roofs are very sleek and that is why they are so desirable to homeowners.

Can You Walk on a Standing Seam Metal Roof?

If you need to walk on a standing seam metal roof, it will be important for you to consider how safe it is and how resilient the roof is. Metal roofs are, surprisingly, more resilient to people walking on them than ceramic tile roofs are. A general estimate for walking on a metal roof includes that you are walking on the roof approximately thirty to fifty years after it was originally installed. When the metal roof is older than thirty to fifty years, it is important for you to seriously consider the safety precautions and measures that are necessary when walking on an old roof.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Details

If you are a roofing contractor, you will likely already understand how important all the details are for standing seam metal roofs. These intricate roof systems require training and diligence to install, which is why these roofs are premier metal roofing installations.

What is Standing Seam Metal Roof

Are you wondering what standing seam metal roofs are? These innovative roof systems are defined as a concealed fastener metal panel system that displays vertical legs and a broad, flat area between the two legs. Standing seam metal systems can be used either for walls or roof systems.

How Does Standing Seam Metal Roof Work

As mentioned previously, it imperative that roofing contractors and property developers understand that standing seam metal roofs are built to last. That is because the process is meticulous. The standing seam metal roof installation process is very intricate, and some might say tedious. Each panel must be laid appropriately according to the measurements of the roof and fastened with the appropriate materials. These materials include screws, caulk tape, metal panels, and much more. The panels must be laid properly so that expansion and contraction, which occurs naturally with the changing weather, won’t impact the integrity of the roof. All of these factors together mean that only a professional roofing company should be trusted with the task of laying down a standing seam metal roof.

standing seam metal roof

What Underlayment for Standing Seam Metal Roof

Are you wondering what kind of underlayment is necessary for a standing seam metal roof? According to a leading roofing authority, the traditional and most common material that is used for roof underlayments on steep-slope metal roofs is non-perforated, asphalt-impregnated felt underlayment. Both organic reinforced and inorganic reinforced underlayments are used in such circumstances. If you are in the process of replacing a metal roof, it will be important for all traces of the previous roof to be removed before the new roof is completely installed.

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