Is a Standing Seam Metal Roof Worth the Money?

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A Metal Roofing Structure That Works

No matter what kind of property you own, it will need a roof. More than that, it will need a dependable roof. One that will be able to stand up against just about every kind of element out there. For that, your best bet is a metal roof. Metal roofing has long been popular among commercial properties for its durability and longevity. The structure many continue to choose to this day is the standing seam roof. For more information about a standing seam metal roof installation in Osage Beach and Lake Ozark, MO, connect with Thompson Roofing & Reconstruction. Dial (573) 789-8367 to get started. 

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What is a Standing Seam Metal Roof?

A standing seam metal roof is defined as a concealed fastener structure. It’s comprised of metal panels that feature vertical legs with long, broad spaces between the two panels. They are secured by hidden fasteners. It is often also described as a raised seam roof because the vertical legs often are up above the flat spaces of the panels. So how is a standing seam metal roof installed? This particular structure is installed over the roof decking or existing roof material. It is attached to the decking by the concealed fasteners, so there is no worry about rust or damage occurring. If you are considering installation, it is highly recommended to rely on a professional team. Metal roofing can be finicky or challenging. Inexperienced contractors can make easy mistakes that could ultimately cost you more in repairs and replacement services. It’s just like if you needed a gas line repair. While you could do the service yourself, it is best to rely on the experts. The same is true for metal roofing. 

Knowing this, you may be wondering if metal roofing is even worth it. More than that, you may be thinking about a standing seam metal roof vs. asphalt shingles. There is some debate as to which is the better value for property owners. Asphalt shingles are considered the cheaper alternative, though that does not make them any less effective. Because of how inexpensive shingles are, the initial standing seam metal roof installation costs can be a major turn off. What’s important to consider is that, once everything is said and done, asphalt shingles and metal roofing can sometimes cost about the same for installation. Between the size, slope, pitch, and other fees, the total costs can end up being about the same.

Benefits of a Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation

The ultimate question that property owners want to know is, is a standing seam metal roof worth it? We do believe the answer to that question is yes. There are a number of advantages to a metal roof for both residential and commercial properties. 

  • Low Maintenance: Because the fasteners are concealed or hidden, there is actually less maintenance that is required. These areas on other roofs can be subject to regular stress, damage and more. With a standing seam roof, that won’t happen as often. 
  • Durable: Metal is by far one of the more durable roofing options. It can easily withstand wind, heat, rain, smoke, grease, and chemicals. Options like aluminum offer incredible durability and flexibility with significantly less weight. 
  • Energy Efficient: On top of being durable, metal is also extremely energy efficient. Depending on your needs, you could even increase that efficiency with an EPDM roofing installation. Doing so will provide improved durability, insulation, and energy efficiency. 
  • Appearance: Standing seam metal roofs are sought after because they do also look good. This structure offers a seamless, beautiful, and finished appearance that can’t be compared by other structures. 

If there are advantages, then what are the disadvantages of a standing seam metal roof? That’s a great question. While there aren’t many, there are a few things that can detract from a metal roof. For many homeowners, it’s the noise. Metal is often thought to be louder than other materials when rain or hail hits it. Another major disadvantage is the fact that there aren’t a lot of contractors with specific and professional metal roofing experience. Together, these can make for a poor experience all around. That’s why when you are interested in metal roofing, rely on Thompson Roofing & Reconstruction.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to install a standing seam metal roof?
    • The average roof size and installation generally cost between $23,000 and $30,000. However, you do have to consider things like slope, pitch, and size of your roof. These factors can alter the final cost.
  • Is a metal roof worth the money?
    • It depends on your needs, where you are at, and what kind of property you have. Generally speaking, commercial spaces will often benefit more than a residential one. That in mind, there are many things to factor in and consider, so it may be beneficial on your part to contact a contractor for more information.
  • Does a metal roof increase home value?
    • Yes, it can! According to recent findings, a modern metal roof on a residential property can increase the resale value between 1 and 6%. More than that, you’ll likely recoup up to 85.9% of your costs with a metal roof. So it really does increase your current home values as well as your potential selling values.
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