Is a standing seam metal roof a good choice?

standing seam metal roof

A Beneficial Roofing Choice

The states along the south, spanning from Texas to Florida, are subjected to some crazy weather all year long. Sometimes, all on the same day!  So, for a large commercial or industrial structure, the roof undergoes a lot of abuse, which is why many of the owners go with a standing seam metal roof installation when it is time to replace their roof.

What is a standing seam on a metal roof?

A standing seam metal roof installation system can be used in a range of applications and building projects. With interlocking seams featured that connect the metal panels give a commercial or industrial building roof an attractive and distinct appearance. Because this type of roofing is made from high-end aluminum or steel, you can expect a long lifespan with low-maintenance, ideal for any owner of a commercial or industrial structure. 

How does a standing seam metal roof work?

A product from the metal roofing family, a standing seam metal roof consists of panels that have legs. The legs engage and are installed with clips to the substructure, or there is the clipless style of standing seam panels. 

Regardless of how the standing seam metal roof installation is attached, the fasteners will not be exposed in the panel plane. And the project specifics will depend on whether exposed fasteners are used for trim applications or not. There are several benefits of a standing seam metal roof installation in addition to no visible clips including:

  • Designed for Contraction and Expansion: A standing seam metal roof installation will contract and expand with the temperature changes because of the clips used to attach the roofing. The clips keep the metal from buckling or tearing as they move, which makes them watertight sealed and keeps them from leaking. 
  • Parts and Pieces Interlock: This is a key feature to a standing seam metal roof installation is how the panels and trims interlock via a “Hem”, the 1” to 1-1/2” fold in the metal that hooks up to another piece of the roofing system.
  • Elevated Ribs Keep the Seams Dry: The standing metal rib keeps the metal roofing elevated off the surface and reduces the chance of ice, snow, or water from entering the joints between the metal panels. 
  • Metal Thickness and Painted: The thickness of the steel used in a standing seam metal roof installation and the type of paint used can extend the lifespan of the roof. The smaller the gauge, the thicker the metal. 

What are standing seam metal roofs made of?

The panels used in a standing seam metal roof installation can be made from various types of metals including, aluminum, copper, or galvalume-coated steel.  Most manufacturers of standing seam metal roofing materials will use Kynar paint or siliconized polyester paint.  The thicker steel will ensure a longer lifespan and with a quality top-notch paint, the roof will look for years without the color fading.

Can you paint a standing seam metal roof?

Even though a metal for standing seam metal roof installation will have a baked-on factory finish, after many years, the paint can begin to fade, or the owner/occupant may desire a different color. Painting is possible with either an airless paint sprayer or a roller that is designed for corrugated panel roofing or a regular paint roller for a standing seam panel system. Be sure to follow the instructions on the paint container, including a thorough cleaning and preparation.

How long will a standing seam metal roof last?

A standing seam metal roof installation will last up to 50 years, even longer, when well maintained and careful with footwear for any foot traffic.  Yes, you can walk on a standing seam metal roof when wearing proper footwear that will grip (the metal can be slippery) but not footwear that will scratch and scuff the metal.

Are standing seam metal roofs noisy?

Today, a standing seam metal roof installation won’t be any louder than other roofing materials. That is because the process of the installation is different than years ago. What do you put under a standing seam metal roof? 

Today, roofing contractors use insulation and solid decking with airspace in between the rooftop and the ceiling. All of this absorbs and muffles the sounds that could make it noisy otherwise. An underlayment of felt or a synthetic material over the decking provides not only additional protection from heat, ice, and water but sounds. 

Can a standing seam metal roof be reused?

Yes, the materials used in a standing seam metal roof installation are often made from recycled materials. Then, when they have reached their useful roof life, the metal can be repurposed.

home with a standing seam metal roof

So – Is a standing seam metal roof worth the money?

Absolutely! Just ask anyone that has had a standing seam metal roof installation. It has become the foremost choice for any commercial or industrial building owner despite the initial expense. Why? Because they will give them a longer lifespan, meaning a new roof in 50 years (or longer) instead of 30 to 40 years. And the architectural styles of today, metal roofing is an ideal match!