Can I File an Insurance Claim for a Leaking Roof?

An Insurance Adjuster on Ladder Checks for Roof Leaks.

Is water damage from leaking roof covered by insurance?

Water damage, in general, is usually covered by homeowner’s insurance. If you have a roof leak, your insurance policy should cover the leak, if the damage to the roof that created the leak was caused by a sudden or unexpected event. For instance, if a storm created an opening in your roof, and the water leaked into it through that opening, then insurance would cover it, so you would probably want to file a roof insurance claim. On the other hand, if the rain is coming through a pre-existing hole, it’s unlikely you insurance company will cover that leak. They would say you needed to fix the hole beforehand.

If you are considering whether to file an insurance claim or not, you’ll have to know whether the damage to your roof could have been repaired beforehand or if it was caused suddenly and unexpectedly. Because insurance policies vary, the best thing to do is to review your insurance policy to find out about your specific coverage.

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While a good roof over your head is important, one of the most significant systems in your home is your plumbing system. You especially want to stay aware of issues with your sewer system. Plumbers now use sewer camera inspections to give you a clear picture of your sewer line’s condition.

Is roof repair covered by insurance?

What’s covered when you need roof repair will depend on the type of repair needed, and the circumstances that led to the repair in the first place. As noted, roof leaks are covered if the leak has occurred suddenly and unexpectedly. This is generally true with most roof repair. If the repair is needed because of neglect, it’s unlikely your insurance will cover it. However, if the damage is caused by fire, wind or hail, for instance, the repairs would likely be covered. Before you file a roof insurance claim, be aware if the cost of the repairs don’t meet your deductible, your insurance company will not pay for the repair. You may also have coverage limits set on your insurance that you’ll have to consider.

How do I claim roof damage on insurance?

If your roof has been damaged and needs repair or replacement, you’ll want to consider whether or not to file a roof insurance claim. An insurance claim example would be filing for a roof replacement. While the process of filing an insurance claim for property damage is not complicated, you want to make sure you have everything available so filing will go smoothly.

When you file an insurance claim keep these tips in mind: 

  • Learn about what’s covered: Find out from your insurance company about what’s covered. With a roof replacement, for example, some insurance companies will have different coverage depending on the age of your roof. The older your roof is, the lower the reimbursement may be.
  • Provide necessary documentation: Make sure to take photos of your roof regularly, especially after maintenance and repairs, and before and after any damages. All of these photos can serve as documentation for roof insurance claim.
  • Get an experienced contractor who understands insurance: You’ll need to get an estimate from a roofing contractor before filing the claim. Make sure the contractor is highly experienced with roofing claims. If they have public adjuster experience, even better.

Does your house insurance increase after a roof claim?

While overall filing any sort of claim may cause your insurance to go up, a roof insurance claim may or may not cause your insurance to increase. Much of this will depend on what type of claim was filed. The amount of the claim will rarely cause rates to go up. If the damage was the result of vandalism, for instance, your insurance company may raise your rates because the vandalism may indicate your neighborhood is more dangerous. Your insurance company may also raise rates in cases when an area is hit by a widespread natural disaster in which large amounts of claims are filed. They do this to recuperate their losses. In the case of a natural disaster, your insurance rates may go up even if you do not file a claim. Rates may also vary state by state.

A Roofer Works On a Roof Replacement.

How much does roof replacement cost?

The cost of a roof replacement will vary. Much of the cost will depend upon the type of material used, how large the home is, as well as labor costs. The size of the roof plays a primary role in replacement costs. Another factor affecting cost will be location. On average, however, roof replacements run anywhere between about $4,900 and $14,000 for a basic shingle roof. Other materials such as tile or slate will cost significantly more.

If you are planning a roof replacement and need assistance with your roof insurance claim in Osage Beach and Lake Ozark, MO, the roofing experts at Thompson Roofing & Reconstruction can help. We have a strong understanding of roof insurance claims. To schedule an appointment, give us a call at (573) 789-8367.