Benefits of Metal Roofing for Your Business

Do you need a new roof for a commercial building with a sloped roof? When you want to make a solid investment, choose metal roofing for your business. With superior durability and and eco-friendly benefits, metal roofing is the best choice for your commercial sloped roof! Here are just a few reasons why:


commercial metal roofing for your businessWhile there are many durable commercial roofing products on the market, the vast majority of them are for flat roofs. If you have a building with a sloped roof, you must usually choose between residential roofing products like shingles or tile. However, commercial metal roofing can outlive shingles with its superior durability. Lasting 50+ years on average, metal roofs stand up against fire, high winds, hail, water, and sunlight. When you want a roof you can depend on, metal is the best option.

Green Features

Because metal is a naturally reflective material, it provides many green or eco-friendly benefits for your building. Traditional shingle roofs tend to absorb heat, increasing your building temperature and cooling load. Metal, however, reflects the heat from the sun rather than absorbing it. This helps keep your building cooler and reduce your energy bills! Another bonus: metal roofs are recyclable, and are often made from recycled materials.

Low Maintenance

No need to worry about applying roof coatings or replacing damaged shingles. Commercial metal roofing is extremely low maintenance, meaning you can devote more time to your business. If your building is near trees, a seasonal cleaning and inspection can help keep gutters from clogging with leaves and debris.

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