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John Thompson

John Thompson

I’m from the Lake of the Ozark area originally. I was working at Dorsey’s Pit Stop in Osage Beach, MO as a teenager, when the opportunity came along for me to work in roofing. Lake of the Ozarks is a tourist town, and it can be difficult to find a steady job if you don’t own a business. I decided to leave my hometown so I could learn the roofing trade and learn to better support myself. A buddy of mine had gotten a roofing job in Iowa, so I headed out there to meet his boss, Josh, and join the team.

Thompson Roofing & Reconstruction was the end result of putting a lot of hard work into learning about roofing and what makes a company successful in the roofing industry. I began at the bottom when I was hired on as part of ground clean-up for a roofing company in Iowa. My training began with learning how to keep a project site clean and maintained, and also protect the client’s house and landscaping. From there, I worked my way up, learning everything I could and gaining more responsibilities as Josh taught me about the in-and-outs of the business.

After three- and-a-half years of learning all I could about the roofing industry, and two years of attending college for business administration, I moved back home to Missouri to be with my family and start my own roofing business. Today, I manage Thompson Roofing & Reconstruction with the help of my girlfriend and parents. This company was the best decision I have ever made. The business has grown so that I can now support myself, my parents, and my growing team of roofing professionals. We now have a 12 man crew that is highly trained in roof inspection and insurance restoration. I owe all of my success to my amazing customers! Our clients are who make it all possible. Thanks to all the homeowners and business owners who trust us with their investments. You are all a blessing, and we love you.  

–  John Thompson