3 Tips for Healthier Siding

One of the best features of home siding is its durability and low maintenance. However, as time passes, siding can begin to fade, crack, or even stain. A few regularly done maintenance tasks can keep your siding beautiful and strong.

Rinse Your Home Siding Once a Month

Home Siding

Dust and dirt floating in the air can settle on your siding, causing it to become dry and brittle faster. Rinsing your siding on a monthly basis will greatly reduce the risk of cracking and breaking in your siding.


Trim Trees and Bushes

Keep trees and bushes trimmed that are near your siding to keep stray branches and limbs from scratching and tearing your siding. Also use extra care when mowing near your siding, watching for flying rocks and debris that can cause damage.

Deep Clean Twice Per Year

It’s a good idea to use a cloth or brush with a light cleaning solution semi annually to keep mold, mildew, and insects at bay. A 70% water, 30% white vinegar solution works well to get rid of mold and mildew stains, as well as cleaning typical dirt, dust, and pollen away. Chemical cleaning agents, bleaches, and power washers are not recommended for some siding types, so double check with the manufacturer before using them.

If your vinyl siding is properly cared for, it can protect and beautify your home for years. When you have questions about your siding, or if you need a repair, call the Thompson Roofing and Siding professionals at (573) 789-8367 to schedule an evaluation.